Careful who you order from!! February 26 2015, 0 Comments

It has been brought to my attention that another website from overseas has been using images to sell helmets. Though only a few are from my website, who knows where they got the rest. Just because they offer an image does not mean it is the quality of artwork that you will receive or will even be remotely close. I have built up the airgraffix name over the years by continuous improvement in all my work. Believe me, I get pics of other artists work to replicate quite often, most of the time, nowadays, I ask them to seek out the original artist. These are my interpretations of pop culture so I do not own licensing to any but, I do own my pics of my work and the content of

With that said, I am far from the best airbrush artist but, nor am I the most expensive and I believe my work is priced accordingly. And I have no problem with anybody sending pics of any of my work to another artist in hopes of getting it done cheaper, we all have to start somewhere.

Again, the website that has stolen content from us here is located overseas (Thailand) and all I ask is be aware of these crooks and the cheaper route may be more costly in the end.